Sora Martial Arts

Sora Martial Arts is a martial arts school located in Farmingville, Long Island, New York.

We are dedicated to providing real world martial arts training - the skills and abilities we will provide to you are the kind that you can really use to defend yourself. In addition to this, we can help you get fit and stay fit, prevent obesity and establish healthy habits and self-discipline - all in a fun, judgement free community atmosphere.

Members of Sora Martial Arts Center have access to these fantastic benefits:

  • Real World Self-Defense. We are not a sports school. We do not focus on one dimensional techniques that only work against friendly compliant partners. We will teach you a unique blend of multiple martial art styles that will keep you and your family safe.
  • Unlimited Access. Pay a flat rate per month, and come as many times as you like. There are lessons for most ages and skill levels twice a week.
  • No Longterm Commitment. We're confident that you wll come and keep coming - we don't need to lock you into a year's commitment. You can pay us month to month.
  • The Highest Standard.Our sensei, Andrew Sora, is 100% committed to the improvement of every dojo member. He personally works with and trains every student along their black belt journey. All Assistant instructors work side by side with Sensei and are taught modern, positive teaching styles to bring out the best in each student.
  • A Thriving Community.Our students are family. Come and meet us, make friends, get fit and learn to keep yourself safe - unleash your inner warrior!

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